Thursday, January 7, 2016

Winey Tasting Notes: Down Under with Lobster Reef Sauvignon Blanc

It was pretty easy to decide on a wine to review this first week of 2016. I simply followed the Winey Daughter (metaphorically, unfortunately) to New Zealand.

Yes, the child is off on another educational adventure: this time taking a 3 week film class that will have her start out in New Zealand (where they shot the "Lord of the Rings" movies) and finish in Australia. I know there is also a film tie in with Australia, but I am a little hazy on it. I was mostly listening to her talk about snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and getting a picture in front of the Sydney Opera House. And thinking that I was very happy this is a class that counts toward her major and also that the Winey Hubby and I need major job security.

I am kidding. A little. I want my children to travel and see this big wonderful world that they live in. If those travels happen to take them to some amazing wine producing regions, all the better. So expect some New Zealand and Australian reviews for the next few weeks and bear with me as I try not to be jealous of her trip. And as I try to figure out where skydiving fits into the film class. Come to think of it, I'm gonna need a lot of wine for this one. Thankfully, there are hundreds and hundreds of great wines from these two countries.

The wine I chose for today is Lobster Reef (2014, 12.5%, New Zealand). It's grown in the Sauvignon Blanc - lots of folks think that they make the best Sauvignon Blanc anywhere. I cannot disagree, because some of my favorites come from New Zealand.
Marlborough region of New Zealand, which is that country's largest wine-growing area. New Zealand is actually two islands, and Marlborough is at the very top of the southern island, bordering on the coast. Lobster Reef comes from just outside Blenheim, the biggest town in Marlborough. The area is sunny and dry in summer but their nights can get downright cool. Their rock star wine is

I am including Lobster Reef in this one. This was one yummy wine. The nose was big and fragrant with apricot. In fact, I was almost worried that the wine itself wouldn't live up to the amazing bouquet. But it did!!  It tasted of sweet fruits: mango, apricot and then some peach. But it was not just had the lively flavors of those fruits. It had a zesty feel in the mouth – not a bit of creaminess to it. It finished on a lip smacking tart, peachy note.

If you like a white wine that is fruity tart - not sweet, not oaky - and full of giant fruit flavors, you'll love this wine. I have gone back and bought it again, I liked it so much. I found it for $10, but it generally won't run you much more than $12. It's a great wine if you want to bring back memories of summer, or if you happen to be in New Zealand, for summer sipping. Because remember, they're in a different hemisphere and it's summer there now. So yes, the Winey Daughter has escaped January in the US for summer down under. Her momma didn't raise no dummy!


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