Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winey Tasting Notes: A Curated Box of Wines? Yes, Please

There are times when you just want someone else to make decisions for you, aren't there? For instance, when I hear "Where do you want to eat?" or "What kind of pizza are we ordering?" or "What's for dinner?" I would absolutely love it if some decision genie would pop up and give me the answers. Because I have come to the point in my life where if I say "It doesn't really matter to me," I mean it. If it mattered, I'd say so. If I have no real strong thoughts, and I say so, I MEAN IT.

Spagnol Prosecco Extra DryUnfortunately, The Winey Hubby is also at this point in his life, so when you are trying to answer a question and both parties really don't have any strong opinions, you get a little stuck. Or you just order Chinese take-out, which has become the option for argument free dining around these parts recently.

So let's just say you're trying to decide what wines to buy for a party. Wouldn't it just be heaven on earth to have someone else decide what wines to serve? And then to send them to you? Wouldn't it also be heaven on earth to have someone clean the house for you before hand? OK, I'm getting off track here a bit. But choosing a bunch of wines for a party can be a bit intimidating. Not to mention a pain in the butt. Because you've got so much else to decide on. Like food, and what you're going to wear and how to convince the family not to use the powder room until after the party because you cleaned it cleaner that it's been in months. So there.

The folks at Global Wine Cellars feel this pain. And they decided to take some of the pressure off by offering an Entertainer's Collection of wines. Six bottles that range from a bubbly Prosecco to a big old Cab that should be able to please the palates of guests gathered at your home.

Global Wine Cellars thought it might be a good idea to let me try one of their wines, and they sent me a bottle of Spagnol Prosecco (2013, 11%, Treviso, Italy). I love sparklers for a party - they pair with such a wide variety of food and they just add that little extra bit of fun because of the bubbles. Most people like bubbles. They really do. Me included.

And this Prosecco did not disappoint. It's a very pretty golden yellow color and like most bubblers, the nose was a bit faint, but had a golden apple bouquet to it. The first taste was so yummy: there was the apple, a bit of ripe, sweet pear and some honey. It wasn't sweet though, because the bubbles gave it a zesty little kick that kept it from being cloying. It was lively and fresh and made me want to find some prosciutto STAT. A wonderful party bubbler that would stay as wonderful no matter when you decided to sip it. Party or not.

The other 5 wines in the Entertainer's Collection look amazing too. I am especially intrigued by the 2014 Ranga Ranga Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and the 2013 Saint Gregory Pinotrois, a blend of three Pinot wines from California. The 6 bottles cost $100 which is pretty reasonable, especially when you add the sanity saving bonus in there.

Global Wine Cellars also has an online wine shop so you can explore wines from all over the world, including Austria, which is an area I'd like to explore more when it comes to my Winey sipping.

Happy entertaining! Cheers!

I received this wine for review purposes. The opinions are all my own.

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