Thursday, September 17, 2015

Winey Tasting Notes: New Favorite Alert - Eos Estate Zinfandel

So after a busy summer, The Winey Nest is empty once again. The Winey Daughter is safely ensconced in her second year at college. The Winey Son has some new digs in Texas. It's just me, The Winey Hubby and The Winey Dog (more on the dog in the future :)

Eos Estate Zinfandel wine labelI was talking with a friend the other day. She is one year away from her own Empty Nest. And she mentioned that she was pretty unsure about the whole thing. I told her, "It's much worse dreading and anticipating the empty nest than the actual reality of the empty nest." And it's true. The Empty Nest does not stink. Sure, we miss the kids and their friends. And I especially miss our family time. But we have our four-way texting sessions and phone calls and the odd Face Time session. And I just MAY be stalking a few Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Hey, every new picture is proof of life, right?

There are a few advantages even. I can finish all the laundry in two loads: Darks. Whites. OK, I'm not including towels and bed linens here, but they're so easy I don't count them. Nor do I need to do them as often, because it takes so much longer to get a full load with only two people in the house. We can park our cars in the garage again. Both cars, one garage. Not that I have ever backed out of the garage and into The Winey Hubby's car parked in the driveway, twice, but this is nice, especially when it rains. We can eat in front of the television if we want to. (Breaking a cardinal rule of family dinnertime.)  This means we've been able to see more of the Cleveland Indians' games. Although at times, this is definitely not an advantage. But that is nothing new. The DVR is ours again. All ours.

And so in honor of looking for the sunny side of the nest, I have found a new favorite wine, courtesy of The California Wine Club. (Full disclosure: I get two bottles of their wine every month to review for my work with Moms Who Need Wine. And I normally don't mix my reviews between there and here, but then I realized that when I find an amazing wine from the CWC, I should share it on The Winey Mom, too.) So this post is a bit of a re-write of one of my reviews from there, but I loved the wine so much I just had to.

This wine I speak of is Eos Estate Zinfandel (2012, 14.5%, CA) from Eos Estate Winery in Paso Robles, CA. Eos is very dark red with a nose of chocolate covered cherries. One of my favorite scents of all time.  Every time I sip a Zinfandel like this, the whole varietal moves up higher and higher in my winey esteem.  You'll taste  cherry, dark mocha and a line of sweet chocolate when you sip it. There’s also that Zinfandel spice thing going on – dark green spices and herbs that give it a little extra zing.

Eos Zinfandel is full of everything you want in a Zin – fruit forwards and toasty and ending up with zingy tannins. It's pretty balanced too, for a 14.5% ABV. There's just a hint of warmth at the end of a sip. 


I received this wine for review purposes. The opinions are all my own. The idea for this post was originally written by me and published under my name on Moms Who Need Wine. So I'm kind of just copying myself here because I really liked this wine so much and wanted my Winey Friends to hear about it.

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