Thursday, October 2, 2014

Winey Tasting Notes: The Empty Nest Series: Fred's Red

With the Winey Daughter's departure to college, I suppose you could call the Winey House a Winey Empty Nest. But that really would not be fair to the two Winey "children" who are left in the nest. Sure, they might not be human (in the "scientific sense" of the term), but they are our children. I refer to The Winey Dogs.

cute dog picture, maltese
Chloe (l) and Rory (r)
I can hear you now: Crazy Winey Dog Lady. Fine, I accept the label with pride. Because there are times when our two little doggies are all that stand between me and a good cry. Like when I walk into the Winey Daughter's room and realize that there is no laundry to take downstairs. Or when I walk into the Winey Son's room and realize he is simply using it as a holding tank for all the things he has left over from four years of college. It hits at odd times.

But waiting for me downstairs are two little girls who will lick and cuddle the shock away. For the record, they are a Maltese named Chloe and a mostly-Maltese named Rory. And when the Winey Nest emptied of the human offspring, I decided that it was high time to write a winey series that focused on the new regime of children in the Winey House: the dogs.

Luckily, there are many enlightened wineries out there who have doggie themed wines. So I'll be focusing on them for a while.

dogs in Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts
Thing 1 and Thing 2
I'm going to start the series out with a red blend from McNab Winery called Fred's Red (NV, 13.9%, Mendocino Co, CA). Fred was the original McNab Dog, who travelled with Alexander McNab on the boat to America from Scotland in the mid-1800s. Fred is a cutie who seems to prefer red bandannas, which set off his black and white coloring so well! (Take note here: I have absolutely no problem with dressing dogs in bandannas, sweaters, cute dresses and Halloween costumes. The rest of the Winey Family does not share my enthusiasm for this, but as you will see in the picture to the right - I can sometimes win that argument.)

fred's red bottle shotFred's Red is a rusty maroon color and has aromas of cherry, strawberry and smoke. The first flavors that come through when you sip are berries, then mocha and a wisp of smoke and a tinge of oak. Later on you'll taste some dark spices and feel some very supple tannins. It's smooth in the mouth and is full of wonderful flavors and tastes.  It's nicely fruit forward  (I know there is some Zinfandel in there) but with enough of the mocha and smoke to keep the fruit from being obnoxious. Layered and balanced and bursting with taste. This is a very, very good doggie.  The Winey Dogs would be proud (if I let them drink wine, which I don't.)

This is a wonderful sipping wine. Drink it if you like your reds velvety and fruity with a touch of mocha. Or if you are now a crazy dog lady an empty nester with dogs.


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