Friday, May 16, 2014

Winey Tasting Notes: It's International Sauvignon Blanc Day!

OK, am I the only one who is very suspicious of made up holidays? Did you know there is a frog jumping day? A sea monkey day? An accounting day (eww...math...shudder)? Don't get me started on Sweetest Day, as we here in the Winey Household ignore that one completely. I suppose you could find a holiday dedicated to just about anything if you tried hard enough. Or start your own. It seems pretty darn easy.

But while these holidays kind of irk me, you will never hear me complain about a day dedicated to an entire varietal of wine. (That didn't surprise anyone, did it?) And it just so happens that today is the 5th International Sauvignon Blanc Day. Wheee!! It'll come as no shock to anyone that this day was started by a California winery, but for the very best of reasons: to get folks around the world to drink Sauvignon Blanc. I'm in.
bottle of Novas Sauvignon Blanc
The official first sip comes in New Zealand, which is justifiably known for Sauvignon Blanc. There are some amazing tastes coming from that little island down under! And as much as I tip my winey hat to the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs, this year I decided to tell you about a Sauvignon Blanc from Chile.

I received Novas Sauvignon Blanc (13%, 2012, Chile) as a sample for Earth Day celebrations, because it is made from organic vineyards and organically grown grapes. But a very busy spring was getting in the way of my wine tasting (how rude of my life to interfere with my fun) so I didn't get around to sipping it until Earth Day (another one of those holidays, by the way) was long past. And this turned out not to be a good thing, because I had simply delayed drinking a very yummy wine.

This vino starts out with a nose of starfruit, ginger and salt air (think beachy minerals). The first taste to hit you is green peppers, followed by celery and minerals and ending up with some key limes. What an amazing grouping of tastes! Complex? You bet. There is a lot to smell and taste here, and it all fits together in the end. There is not one bit of sweetness in Novas. In fact, I'd say it's sort of an earthy wine in a summer garden way. It's all green and crisp and fresh and fragrant. Yup, I loved it.

This paired very nicely with what seemed to be my only hour of down time in a very busy few weeks: a brand new episode of Grey's Anatomy. I am unashamedly addicted to that show. Or maybe I'm addicted to an hour of peace and quiet on Thursday night. Either way, this Sauvignon Blanc was the perfect companion to an hour of Meredith and Christina and Derek and Burke (yes, it was one of the good-bye to Christina episodes where Burke returned).

So, on this 2014 Sauvignon Blanc day, I would totally recommend a bottle of Novas. But please, if you can't find one, do uncork any bottle of your favorite Sauvignon Blanc. Because this is one holiday I totally endorse.

Oh, and guess what May 22 is? OK I'll tell you. National Chardonnay Day!!!!!! You've been warned, so no excuses. And be sure to check in that day for my review of a wonderful unbaked Chardonnay!!


I received this wine as a sample for review purposes. The opinions are all my own. 
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