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Winey Tasting Notes: Wine-ing on Broadway

Is there anything more fun than a Broadway musical? How about a Broadway musical that serves a yummy Argentinian wine in really cool sippy wine cups? I can attest that such was the case this past December when the Winey family took in the award winning musical "Once" on our trip to NYC.

I am a sucker for live theater. It was actually my major in college, along with communications. I love all types of plays: musical or not, I want to go. The Winey Hubby is actually more of a movie guy, but when you are in NYC, you go to Broadway! And we got to go twice on our last family visit to the Big Apple. First up, we saw "Jersey Boys" at the August Wilson Theater. The Winey Hubby, Winey Daughter and I had seen it before, but Winey Son hadn't. It's a rockin' play about the history of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. You will have so much fun at this show and you WILL be singing the songs long after the curtain drops. We saw this show after a big dinner with family (I am from New Jersey, right outside the city, and the Winey Grandparents came in to dine with us), so I didn't really bother to look at the drink offerings.

The next afternoon, though, we made our way over to the Bernard B. Jacobs Theater to see the matinee of "Once". I just knew this was going to be a great show as we entered the main part of the theater and saw the full bar set up on stage, with cast members playing their music (the story revolves around Irish musicians) right there. Winey Son and I hurried to get in line, but missed out on the stage bar, as they did have a show to do up there and it closed down early to get ready. But never fear, we did get our drinks at a bar in the back of the theater. (It was a record setting 70 degrees that rainy day in Manhattan, and since it was December, we were all in coats and sweaters and rather hot and thirsty.)

"Once" The Musical wine cup
Broadway theater sippy cup
The wine they were serving was Trapiche Vineyards Pinot Grigio (2012, 13%, Argentina). But what got us all thrilled were the glasses they were serving the drinks in. (It wasn't taking much to thrill us that weekend - we were having such a good time!) It seems that Broadway has finally wised up to the fact that patrons cannot chug down their drinks before returning to their seats. (I mean really, chugging wine on Broadway?) So the theaters are now serving drinks (wine, beer, soda) in what I can only describe as sippy cups for adults. (The only thing that makes me say they are for adults is the lack of cartoons and/or cute little animals on them. Otherwise, they really were sippy cups.) The cups have the name of the show written on them, making them souvenirs of a sort. And just like the souvenir cups at sports events, a refill will cost you less than your first purchase. I took advantage of that, by the way.

Trapiche Vineyards Pinot Grigio bottleWhen I think of Argentina, Pinot Grigio is not the varietal that comes to mind first. In fact, when I think of Argentina, what usually comes to mind is another Broadway show I saw when it opened (LONG time ago), "Evita". "Don't cry for me, Argentina....." Oops, sorry about that..took a little trip down memory lane there. Anyway, I usually think of Malbec when I hear Argentina, but on this rainy, warm Sunday, I wanted something a bit more refreshing, so I chose the Pinot Grigio. It starts out with a nose of peach and minerals. The taste was bubbly minerals - not soda fizzy minerals, but lively tart little bubbles. There were flavors of white peach and grapefruit. It finished tart and fresh. I was totally reminded of an Australian Pinot Grigio - lots of tart, refreshing flavors here.

Trapiche wines are found all over and are a very good bargain. I recently saw a 1.5 litre on special for $10. I would totally buy this wine for summer and for a light white option for parties any time of the year. It's not sweet, but it's not bone dry either. It would pair with a whole lot of different foods or you could also use it to make winey cocktails. Winey Tasting Notes: Winey Cocktail Hour.
Paul Nolan, aka "Guy", of
the Broadway musical "Once"
with Winey Mom and Daughter

Oh and I have to show you this pic. I am a true theater geek, so I wait outside stage doors. Winey Daughter and I got to talk to the show's lead, Paul Nolan, after the performance. He was extremely gracious and we had a nice conversation about another favorite theater haunt of mine, Ontario's Stratford Festival. What fun!!!

Cheers to great theater while sipping yummy wine!

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  1. Wow, I wish I knew my wine like you do. I enjoy a sweet white or Rose with no hint of dryness and try to support local wineries whenever I can. Here's my guilty little secret though, I prefer sparkling wine, the fruitier, the fizzier - the better. You are probably cringing as you read this lol but seriously I can't help it. I'm glad there are people who appreciate wine like you do because I feel embarrassed that my palate must be viewed by the employees at our local wine shop as juvenile sometimes lol. Oh well, c'est la vie. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm glad I can pop back over here and get some advice when I can.


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