Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Winey Tasting Notes: Brightening Things Up With Sequin(s)

I'm going to take you back in time here - about a month. I'm trolling strolling through Target minding my own business when out pops a polka dot bottle of wine. I swear, it's true. Just jumped right out at me and begged "Buy me." It obviously knew that I have a thing for polka dots. I love them. From blouses to belts to Ipad covers, just can't get enough of them. So I simply had to put the bottle in my cart. I did however, look to see what kind of wine it was, first. I have some integrity, after all.

pictures of Sequin Wines bottles moscato, pinot grigio, rose, sheer delight white
Pretty polka dot bottles
It turned out to be a bottle of Sequin Delicately Bubbled Sheer Delight White Wine (2011, 9.5%, CA). I just loved that expression "delicately bubbled", don't you? It hints of very refined, well behaved bubbles just bouncing around the bottle, all dressed up and wearing white gloves. Sequin makes a whole line of delicately bubbled wines (Moscato, Rose and Pinot Grigio), but Sheer Delight is for us discriminating Target addicts.

It just so happened that this purchase was made right before Mother's Day. And really, there's nothing better for Mom (me) to end her day with a glass or two or whatever of wine while she opens her gifts. But this is Mother's Day in The Winey Northeast Ohio Household. It started out with The Winey Hubby, Daughter and me walking out of church...and into a very heavy snow shower. Yup. Snow shower. The fact that I had just come out of church was probably what saved me from spewing forth a number of words that you just shouldn't be saying on church grounds.

And since it was May, of course, The Winey Daughter had a soccer game scheduled. Because spring soccer does not care that it's Mother's Day. Or that it's really winter. So, being the shameless person that I am, I totally pulled the Mother's Day card and told the Winey Hubby that the best gift he could give me would be to take the Winey Daughter to her game while I snuggled with the Winey Doggies at home. Being the extremely intelligent Winey Hubby that he is, he agreed.

So I sipped on this lovely bottle of wine covered by a fleece throw and two dogs on my couch, book in hand. The game was, of course, scheduled during the dinner hour, so I was waiting for my Mother's Day take out to arrive home.

And what a Mother's Day treat this was! Sheer Delight's bouquet contains hints of cantaloupe and minerals. It tastes flowery around the edges, but with pear in the middle. Lovely combo! And those bubbles really are tiny and delicate. They gave it a very classy feel - no pop rock bubbles here - this was a classy sip! The finish was sweet and light.

I would buy this wine again and again. It is sweet, but the bubbles keep it from being overly sweet. And at 9.5%, it's lower in alcohol too. So you can indulge without over-indulging! It was the perfect antidote for a Mother's Day that ended with us running around covering all the plants with sheets and towels. Hey, if you can't have spring outside, you might as well drink it, right? (Check out the website, too. They have some amazing cocktail recipes you can make with the wines!)


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