Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Winey Tasting Notes: Wowing Me With Wine Sisterhood Chardonnay

I drink a lot of wine. Hello, I write a wine blog, okay? And while I wouldn't call myself jaded or blase about wine, I have found that the longer I travel this winey road, the harder it is to be wowed by a wine. Do not get me wrong...there are many, many good wines out there. And while they're made by wonderful people with vast wine knowledge, they might not "wow" my taste buds. So when a wine comes across my lips that does "wow" me, I am one very happy Winey Mom.

Such is the case with Wine Sisterhood and their Savvy Chardonnay (NV, 13% Napa, California). Before I tell you the specifics of this particular vino, let's talk about Wine Sisterhood. They are actually an on line community of women who love to talk about wine and travel and food and life. Sounds like a place for every one of us, huh? They have a family of wines that include some of my favorites (PromisQuous, for one). One of the new lines is Wine Sisterhood, which not only wowed me with their Chardonnay, but wowed me with their commitment to women (and families) in need. In fact, money from each bottle sold is donated to such causes.

So about that wine. My first wow came as I took a whiff of it in my glass. It was sheer raspberry - I mean out in the summer sun-drenched field raspberry. A very heady framboise aroma that made me check to make sure I hadn't opened the liqueur bottle by mistake.

Next up was the sip. And that second wow. The crisp acidity hits you right away, then tastes of peach, grass, sunshine and those berries again. (The berries are the last taste that rolls across your mouth - kind of like bookending that whole raspberry thing.) It finished crisply and it was impossible to not go back right away for another (big) sip. I was in danger of making a fool of myself, to be perfectly honest, because I kept saying "Wow" and the only other person in the kitchen with me was the dog. (The Winey Hubby was in the next room, but only half listening since the Cleveland Indians were playing...and a good thing for me they were.)

This is a Chardonnay after my heart. OK, my taste buds. No big assault of oak, as so many Chardonnays seem to think they need these days. This was a celebration of the fruit in the sunshiny vineyard in all its glory.

I will be sipping this one again. Hopefully I won't be exclaiming "Wow" to the dog so much. (I do have a reputation to uphold in the kitchen, after all.) But I'll be saying it to myself, you can be sure of that!


Happy Winey side note: You can currently find this wine at one of my favorite stores: Target! It gives the phrase "pick up a bottle of wine" a whole new meaning. Doesn't it?!

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  1. Have you tried the Wine Sisterhood Cab yet? I'm wondering if it's as good as their Chardonnay.

    1. I haven't tried it yet - but I think I need to, don't you? I'll get some for some holiday sipping and report back!


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