Friday, June 22, 2012

Winey Tasting Notes: Under $5 Giddy Alert: Meld White Table Wine

A good glass of wine can make your day - or your dinner - or your campfire. A good glass of wine that comes from a bottle costing less then five dollars can make you positively giddy. So get ready to get giddy (I had to stop myself from saying get ready to "giddy up", just so you know).  Because I spent $4.99 on Meld White Table Wine and it was SO good!

The folks at Meld must be closet chefs. They freely admit that "one of the great pleasures of being a winemaker is the opportunity to meld the flavors of different grape varieties and vineyards into a single harmonious blend". Seriously, that sounds like what I do with chicken and herbs 3 nights a week. Or if we're going wild around the Winey Household, steak and marinade. It's all about the recipe, isn't it?

Meld (12.5%, California, NV) White Table Wine is a recipe of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Gewurztraminer. The golden yellow wine begins with an aroma of mellow pear and kiwi and a hint of cinnamon. The first taste you get is of oak and pear. That must be the Chardonnay talking. But then the Chenin Blanc speaks up and you catch some tropical kiwi flavors. The wine feels smooth and supple in your  mouth (that is definitely the Gewurztraminer checking in). It finishes a bit tart with a lingering taste of limey citrus. So back to the Chenin Blanc, huh?  You can definitely taste the heft of the Chardonnay, but the Chenin Blanc tones it down a bit with its crisp acidity. It was very nice of the winemakers to let each of the wines in their recipe speak up at one time or another. Kind of brings the best of all worlds into one bottle.

This wine was totally and completely worth the $4.99. In fact, Meld White totally exceeds its price point in taste! It would hold its own (and even win) some battles with some $15+ bottles I've had recently. It begs to be bought by the case because let's not forget the 10% case discount you get at most wine stores. I am nothing if not thrifty. Especially when it comes to my wine-ing!

So get some Meld and giddy-up. (Sorry, I just had to.)


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  1. Sounds perfect for the budget and the taste buds!!

  2. Just tried Meld for the first time tonight. Delicious!

  3. I'm glad you liked it! It's a great wine at a great price, isn't it? Cheers!


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