Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Winey Tasting Notes: Everything In The Kitchen Sink White (but not MY kitchen sink)

There is an old expression that talks about "everything but the kitchen sink". It refers to a crowded place, as in, "That closet has everything in it but the kitchen sink." It can also refer to a somewhat senseless question asked by husbands at certain times of the year: "Why are we taking everything but the kitchen sink with us on vacation?" It can also be an answer to a related question uttered by moms everywhere as they get ready to leave on vacation: "Do we have everything?" "Everything but the kitchen sink." (We won't go into ensuing conversations that may result from such exchanges. I'm a Winey Mom, not a marriage counselor.)

So, since this white table wine is made up of 36% Chardonnay, 32% Chenin Blanc, 21% Gewurztraminer and 11% mixed white varietals, it's kind of easy to see why it might get the name Kitchen Sink (12.5%, NV, Sonoma, CA).

Please note the proximity of the sink
as well as the dishwasher.
 Point proved.
I find it somewhat amusing that the expression as well as the wine refer to the fact that there is a lot of "stuff" in a kitchen sink. Because I must tell you that in my house, things seem to go anywhere BUT the kitchen sink. I believe that it is some sort of genetic wrist condition that my husband passed along to my children. It makes them physically incapable of actually putting anything INTO the kitchen sink. They can get things onto the counter near it...or on the cutting board that sits beside the sink itself...but not INTO the sink. (Please note that this condition also applies to putting dishes and utensils into dishwashers.) The only ones not affected by this are me and the dog. But then again, I'm not really sure about the dog, since she's a 10 inch high Maltese who can't actually reach the sink.

As you can tell, I am slightly agitated about the state of my home's kitchen sink. But happily, that is not the case with 750 milliliters of Kitchen Sink Artisan White Blend.  The bottle is filled with aromas of pear and lush tropical smells - think mango. The tastes that fill your mouth are of summertime flowers, honey and vanilla with a tiny bit of coconut. It feels lush and soft in the mouth and ends sweetly with some lingering honey and an ever so slightly tart tang - sort of like the tart skin on a pear or a green apple.  You can really taste and feel the Gewurztraminer in this wine, but for those who avoid a syrupy Gewurztraminer, the other varietals will save you from that, as well as add in that little zing. This is the perfect wine for sipping or pairing. I am looking forward to pairing it with some spicy grill foods this summer!

So, this is one time that I am totally happy my kitchen sink....but that's because I'm talking about a bottle of wine and not my counter top.


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  1. Too funny! I am going to have to get that Kitchen Sink White Blend to celebrate my newly installed undermount kitchen sink. Wishing that your kitchen sink agitations clear up soon! Fun post. Thanks!


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