Friday, March 16, 2012

Winey Tasting Notes: In A Fog At Trader Joe's - 2010 Villa Cerrina Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio

Sadly for me, the nearest Trader Joe's is a good 25 minute highway ride away. So when I make the trek, I make it count. One of my favorite things about TJ's is the people that work there. They are friendly and outgoing and they love their food and wine.

Thus, I should not have been surprised at the experience I had there the other day . I had finished the food aisles and, as I always do, had saved the wine aisles for last. Best for last, you know? It was the end of a long day and I was a little weary. So I entered the aisle and just.....stopped. One minute I was trying to decide on a wine to go with the dinner I was making and the next minute I was on a mental vacation to nowhere. I was standing there staring at a bunch of bottles and I obviously had a very blank look on my face, because the man who was in charge of the wine samples took one look at me and walked right over.

"Trying to decide?" "I think so...I want to try something new....white, crisp." That was all he needed. he turned me right to a bottle of a Villa Cerrina Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio (12%, Veneto, Northeastern Italy, $5.99 in Ohio). "Do you like blends? If so, you have to try this one. Very popular." And then he sealed the deal by saying, "In fact, I'd call it a store favorite because everyone who works here just loves it." Thank you very much!! Into the basket it went (along with some Two Buck Chuck because I just cannot resist that wine....never ever. I've come to accept this fact, so leave me alone).

This wine is 40% Pinot Grigio and 60% Chardonnay. It has a bouquet of lemons and apples. The flavors are refreshing lemon-lime citrus and green apples. I'd call it a subtle wine, with some minerals in the finish. The tartness of the Pinot Grigio played off the Chardonnay nicely. Not sweet - it tasted of summer citrus.

I can see why this wine is so popular. It's got a bargain price and the folks at Trader Joe's recommend it! It's a great party wine too because you really can't go wrong serving it to a large crowd. It's a  good white wine that gives you the best of both worlds: Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio. I'd definitely get a few bottle to have on hand. And in mouth!


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