Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winey Tasting Notes: Hide Out With The 120 Cabernet Sauvignon

The first thing my eye about this bottle of wine was the big number 120 on its label. 120 what, I wondered??? 120 grapes? 120 blends? 120 proof (wouldn't that be the mother of all wine hangovers)?  Nope, the 120 refers to 120 Chilean patriots who hid in the Santa Rita wine cellars during their fight for Chilean independence back in 1814.

I have often wanted to go hide in a wine cellar. This feeling usually comes upon me at specific times. How about at 6 am when I head down the hall to wake the teen aged daughter for school? Or when I come home and the dog is just sort of standing in the kitchen with an extremely guilty look on her face. Or when hubby calls in the middle of the day and his first word is "Um..." (usually followed by a statement relating to his attendance at a pro sporting event that I am NOT invited to). Or when the aforementioned teen is asked to do something to help around the house and you can just HEAR the eye roll happening. So I thought that this might be a good wine for me to bring home and sip on.

The label on The 120 Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile's Central Valley, 13.6%, 2008) says this Cab has an aroma of berries, clove and vanilla. My nose, however, said just dark cherries. In fact, I wrote down "aroma totally of black cherry", so I guess my nose really meant it, huh? The color was red with a touch of brown to it. My first taste was of earth.  No bite at all...But a bit of a dry hint (touch of oak?) to it. And then a lovely maroon aftertaste. Smooth and soft. No nasty biting at all going on here - just some silky Cabernet Sauvignon. I remember thinking "Now this is a Cab!" I really liked it. Especially since I paid $7.99 for it. (I try not to let price influence my evaluation of a wine, but let's face it, you always like to wear the designer top you got on clearance just a bit more than your other clothes, right? Pride in your astute shopping ability? You bet.)

I'd definitely get this one again. I might not even hide in a wine cellar to drink it. But there are times... let me tell you...there are times!!


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  1. I'll hide in a wine cellar any time you want to! I'll bring the cheese tray!

    1. Why Julie, you think of everything, don't you?? That's just the finishing touch we needed for our hide out! Cheers!!!

  2. Ok, I will come too! With the sausages, and I will add crackers too!

  3. Well we have the makings of an ideal hideaway here girls! :)


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