Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winey Tasting Notes: Root 1 Cabernet Sauvignon

You know how there are certain things in life that you can always count on? The black pants that go to and with everything. The best friend who will always listen. The fact that if you just run into the store for milk and have on your oldest sweats, no bra or makeup and haven't put your contacts in yet that you will see everyone you have ever met? Yup, the constants in our lives. That's how I feel when I see a bottle of Root 1 Cabernet Sauvignon. I can always count on it being fantastic!

The root 1 of this wine has nothing to do with the last, un-highlighted grey strand on your (my) head. When you sip this wine, you are sipping grapes from original, ungrafted roots. These roots happen to reside in the Colchagua Valley of Chile (their white wines come from the coastal Casablanca).

The latest bottle of Root 1 that I have sipped from is the 2009 vintage (14% alcohol) which is 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Syrah. I looked back at my notes though, and noticed that I have also tried the I've been sipping this one for a while. I can't even remember when I first tried it. But it's a keeper. Like those black pants.

The bouquet of this dark red wine is cherry, with a hint of thyme (it took me a while to figure that one out, but thyme it was) and some pepper. The taste was dark fruits and ripe cherries and spices. The finish was oakey and warm - it tingled on the sides and the front of my tongue. The wine has legs too - full bodied and round in your mouth. It really is one of the best Cabs I've ever had. The fact that it continues to be so year after year really speaks for the winemakers and for those Chilean valleys!

I have seen this wine sell for as much as $14.99, but it's also been priced at $11.99. I paid $9.99 for this bottle. The price seems to fluctuate, so I always watch and buy it when it drops (don't you just love it when you get something on sale?).

This is a great wine to stock up on for the coming holiday season. You will be sure to please many a red wine lover with it. And you'll be pretty happy too!


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