Monday, December 19, 2011

Winey Tasting Notes: I REALLY Needed Some Hob Nob Pinot Noir

Now, I may be a Winey Mom, but that's because I love wine! I normally do not advocate using this wonderful beverage to drown your troubles or to get you through stressful times. That's what Diet Coke with lime is for. But 3 days ago, I REALLY NEEDED A GLASS (OR 2 or 3) OF WINE.

Here's why. Last Wednesday was the day the entire world had been waiting for (OK, the day my 15 year old had been waiting for): The 16th Birthday. Which translates to "The Driver's License" (unless you live in my home state of New Jersey, then you have to wait until you are 17..but I digress). After one last hour of maneuverability practice and a nerve-wracking trip (for both of us) to the ever so friendly BMV, the license was in her hands!

Thursday, she drove herself to school. Bittersweet? Sure. But she was so happy.

Friday morning. The doggie and I stand in the doorway and wave as she backs out of the garage. And into the side of the garage door, promptly ripping and shattering the side view mirror off of the passenger side door. OUCH! But hey, it's just a mirror. She pulls back in, I reassure her and she pulls out again. And promptly slams the side of the car into the SAME side of the garage door. CRUNCH. And GRIND. I honestly don't know how you do that kind of damage to a fender and a bumper unless you are hit side on by another vehicle. But she's always been an over-achiever.

Car in the body shop. New driver home from school. College aged brother also home from school. The teasing began as soon as she walked in the door. Drama ensued ("It's too soon to tease me about it!" Dramatic exit from room.) And then it was time to head up to her high school basketball game. Brother decided to do a few warm up shots with the team. As he passed the ball to sister, his comment was "Whatever you do, don't dribble backwards." OH GREAT. Is it  a wonder that by the time I got home from the game (did I mention I had to work concession stand and smelled like popcorn oil?) that I REALLY NEEDED SOME WINE.

Hence, the Hob Nob Pinot Noir (13%, 2010, Southern France). I had first tried this wine with a group of girlfriends after an evening of mani-pedis at a local spa. I didn't see it in stores right away, but one day, there it was! I grabbed a bottle intending to sip away some nice quiet evening in front of the fire. Well, it was evening. But not quiet and the only fire was coming from the ears of the highly insulted 16 year old. (Did not pair well with the laughter coming from her 19 year old brother.) But really, what better time to unscrew (not uncork - screw top here and boy was I glad about that this night) a new bottle of wine? Please note that even in my deeply agitated and needy state, I was able to take some descriptive and coherent notes: The color was a deep red - almost a maroon. The nose on this wine was deep cherry. The taste was of warm oak and cherry. The finish was smooth - not one bit of bite (which I didn't need any more of that night) - and stayed on in my mouth and left a nice warm feeling. No drying tannins - just lovely, round medium bodied Pinot Noir. Exactly what The Winey Mom had ordered.

I totally recommend this one - especially since it normally retails for under $10 a bottle. And while I still don't advocate using wine to drown your troubles, it is illegal to drown your teenagers, so if you must, go with the Hob Nob.


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