Monday, November 14, 2011

Winey Thoughts: Why Wine?

Did you ever stop and wonder why you love your wine so much? I mean, other than loving a certain wine..a certain varietal...why do you love wine. I know for me, it's the whole set of experiences behind a glass of wine that draws me to the grape.

It's funny, too, because I really didn't start drinking wine until about 10 years ago. I was a bit hampered by the fact that I grew up in an Irish household where beer (and my grandma's ever favorite Scarlet O'Haras) ruled the holidays and family get togethers. Even in college, it wasn't wine. Nope. Gin and tonic (and Tab!). Ok, it was the 80's and that's all I'm gonna say in my defense of  that. Besides, the beer available to college students back then was just barely classified as safe for human consumption.

I started into the wine just like a lot of other women/moms when, about 10 years ago, marketers started going after our business full cork. Ah, those nights of peach Wild Vines and a new episode of "ER"...fond memories. But my sweet and fruity wine tastes slowly gave way to a wider range of wines. And wine became more accessible...less exclusive. I tried them all...from pink to white to red to bubbly.

But what is it about wine that makes it such a ritual in my life? It starts when I buy it, I guess. I have had some great conversations (and caught up with more than one former neighbor) in the open wine tasting areas of local stores. It's fun to chat as we try the get each other's opinions. Rarely do I even get these people's names, but it's clear that we're all having a bit of fun during what would usually be a  tedious, errand filled day.

Then there is the idea of getting together with friends for "a drink". Doesn't matter if it's a restaurant, someone's deck or the monthly Bunco game - it's just so wonderful to sit and talk with other adults and find out that yes, they too want to throttle their teenagers on a regular basis. Not only do you get to sip and talk, you find out that you are not the only parent with homicidal tendencies. Very reassuring, let me tell you.

Do I drink wine alone? You betcha! Not sure where that whole drinking alone thing got such a bad rap, but let me tell you, it will be the RARE day that I invite someone into the master bathroom while I'm in a nice hot bubble bath with a glass of wine. Some things you just need  to experience alone (many apologies to my hubby on this one....but I'm not changing my mind). Or the one in a million weekend night where it's just me and the doggie and a fire in the fireplace and an old movie in the DVD player. (The doggie loves it cause I seem to give better tummy rubs the more wine I drink. At least that's what she says.)

So no, it's not about getting tipsy or trying to forget all your troubles. For me, that glass represents good times spent and stories shared....or the rare time alone to

Cheers! Now go ucork something!

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