Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Winey Thoughts: Turkey Day Sipping Suggestions

We are two weeks from Turkey Day, and you know what's on your mind: Whattheheck kind of wine can I serve that goes well with turkey and a roomful of annoying relatives? OK, maybe not totally or constantly annoying, but if you're doing the cooking, doesn't that adjective crop up at least once or twice during the day? The feeling usually begins for me when I once again have my hand stuck in the nether regions of the turkey trying to get the #@*$ giblets out. Let's not dwell on that mental picture, shall we?

So what vino should you invite to your table this year? Tradition has it that pinot noir does very will with turkey and all the trimmings. But I gotta, tell you, I find more pinots I'd rather pass on than invite home. The exception for this being Mirassou Pinot Noir. You'd be hard pressed to find a brighter, tastier Pinot Noir to serve your guests. Another go to Pinot is Hob Nob. The perfect not too sweet, not too woodsy cherry with a great finish wine for the feast.

How about a Shiraz? One of my all time favorites is The Little Penguin. Lots of spices and a bit of mocha. A full body that stands up well to Tom Turkey and his intimidating giblets. (They also make a Pinot Noir, which is worth trying too.) The wonderful thing about The Little Penguin is that you'll never pay over $7 a bottle (unless you are going for the super size...which might not really be such a bad idea now that I think of it). One of the best Shiraz at any price!

Let's not forget the red blends either. As I've said before, they're slowly becoming a larger presence on my hit parade of wines. Apothic Red is an amazing blend that I have recently discovered. Menage a Trois' California Red Blend will bring out the best in your main dish and your sides.  Or for another really embarrassing wine name, try promisQuous. At under $10 a bottle, you can forgive any promiscuity and just enjoy dinner. 

If you have someone that just doesn't do red, make sure you have a nice full bodied Chardonnay to serve them. The Little Penguin has one. If you want to stay in the US (it is OUR holiday, after all), Columbia Crest Grand Estates Chardonnay has been one of my favorite whites for years now. It can take anything you throw at it, though hopefully your holiday will not involve  too much food throwing.

And if you and yours don't like any of the above varietals....just drink what you like! After all, you want to have a thankful heart and not an upset stomach on Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers to you and yours!

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