Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winey Tasting Notes: A Classic Little Black Dress (Pinot Grigio) for the Holidays

I will never be one to thumb my nose at a classic. And what could be more  classic than the LBD (little black dress for those of you who are not female or do not have daughters)? So imagine my delight when a friend told me about Little Black Dress wines. How classic! And speaking as a person who owns three little black dresses (hey, you need one that goes anywhere, anytime, another in a sweater dress and one in velvet), I jumped at the chance to sip them. Unfortunately, I could only find the Pinot Grigio (not that I don't love Pinot, I just wanted to taste a red as well) but will not give up the hunt.

So anyway, The LBD that I slipped into was a 2010 vintage, California, 12.5% alcohol, $12.99. It actually is only 84% Pinot. It's rounded out with 11% Chardonnay and then 5% Viognier. It smelled of melon and basil and fresh cut grass.

First sip brought the word "round" to mind. I knew it was a lighter bodied wine, but it certainly wasn't a lightweight wine. It had a fullness to it that was very, very pleasing (dare I say: classic). You definitely get the flavor of melon, but there's also some citrus (lemon, lime...a teeny bit of orange) and some wonderful herby tastes: basil and thyme snuck in there (thank you, Viognier).  The finish was nice and warm and sparkly and I detected some wood in it, which was odd, since this Pinot is fermented in stainless steel. But who am I to argue with my own taste buds?

You could say this is a summer wine, but I also think the lightness and sparkly feeling would pair very well with any LBD occasion...and diamonds.

Side note: I highly suggest you visit the LBD Wines website and take their LBD quiz.. I found out that my perfect LBD is one with a cutting edge style. I take that as permission to go shopping for my fourth LBD, don't you?

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