Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winey Tasting Notes: Mommy Juice Red

As I have previously stated, Cheryl Durzy, the mom behind Mommy Juice Wines is a genius. Not only did she get MY mom to like a Chardonnay (see Winey Tasting Notes: Mommy Juice White), but she gave her wine a name that won't require you to fib to your children when they ask what you are drinking. "Mommy, what's in your glass?" "It's just my mommy juice, honey." See what I mean?

So I was so happy to get my hands on some Mommy Juice Red (full disclosure: I won a bottle by having the best reason for needing a glass of wine on the Mommy Juice Facebook page. It had been a long week.)

Mommy Juice Red is a blend of 77% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, 3% Malbec, 2% Cabernet Franc and 2% Petit Verdot. It comes from the Central Coast of California and is 13.5% alcohol. My first bottle of Mommy Juice Red had the mommy-needs-wine-now friendly screw top. But, this bottle was corked. So I kind of had a little Mommy ceremony and uncorked it for this tasting. How very civilized of me, don't you think?

The nose on this rusty red colored wine was of black pepper, smoke and spices overlayed with some dark cherry. Quite a nose to live up to, isn't it? The taste was of oak and plums and smoky ashes that finished sharp and spicy and surprisingly, a bit cinammony later on. I loved the way the tastes stuck to the sides of my mouth - kind of like they were fighting to stay there (not unlike the fighting of a child who does NOT want to leave the playground....or a teen who does NOT want to leave the mall. Trust me, I know about these.)

This is not a red for the faint-hearted of mommies. Nope, this is a red for a blustery cold evening (inside or out) that will warm you and leave a nice glow on your taste buds. I happened to open it on a night that I was preparing buffalo steaks for the very first time (not counting the "cook your own" steak house in Colorado where we'd first had some). Wow!! Talk about a great pairing. And this from someone who usually only needs air and a straw to pair with her wine.

Mommy Juice wines generally run under $10 a bottle. Is that just wonderful or what? I suggest you buy early and often when you find Mommy Juice Red! And hey, go ahead and pair it with a glass, not a straw, okay?

The Winey Mom and her winning bottle of Mommy Juice Red,
complete with Mommy Juice Wines glass, which gives new meaning to the
advice to have 2 glasses of wine a day!!

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