Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winey Tasting Notes: Linen Chardonnay - No Ironing Required!

Finding this wine is yet another good argument for doing my grocery shopping on Saturday. Yes, the store is a bit more crowded and yes, if I happen to meet up with a pal I haven't seen in a while I do tend to walk by the things I need (like milk)....but my wonderful, locally owned, gourmet filled store (Heinen's - Cleveland) has wine tastings all day long back in their wine department! Yay grocery shopping! They also have some awesome new cheese to go along with the wines every week, so I make sure I go before lunch.

Anyway, I headed to the tasting, um, shopping, one week and was very happy to find a Washington State Chardonnay on deck back in the wine department. The more Washington Chards I taste, the better I like them.... the added plus for this wine was that it was one of Heinen's Bin 75 wines, which means the gurus at Heinen's (and they're consistently voted best wine store in Cleveland) have deemed it one of the best bottles of wine for under $10!

As much as I do love a good Chardonnay, I can be a bit suspicious of them - some of them can slam you with their oakiness..others can be a little thick (never did like dispensing or taking cough syrup -just ask my kids). But that happy shopping day I found one with body and flavor that didn't punch back.

Linen Chardonnay (2009, Bergevin Lane Vineyards, Columbia Valley, Washington) is medium bodied with a very light gold color. The bouquet was pure pear.  It tasted of pears and apples and even a bit of honey. A clear, crisp blend of flavors. The finish had just a tang of oak in it. I remember commenting that this was a perfect Chardonnay for fall -  it brought to mind clear, frosty night air and sitting around the fire pit in your big comfy sweater. Needless to say, I spent the $9.99/ bottle.

Another nice thing about this Linen - you don't have to iron it!!

Well worth the pain in the butt of grocery shopping, wouldn't you say?


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