Monday, October 31, 2011

Winey Tasting Notes: Working Girl White

Having been a working girl myself since I came of babysitting age, I was thrilled to spy a bottle of Working Girl White (Columbia Valley, Washington State, 60% 2008 Chardonnay, 40% 2008 Riesling, 12.5% alcohol) on the shelf of my favorite wine shop. The working gal on the label was so very chic...down to her cute little hat, which I must admit is an accessory I have never been able to figure out.
So it was with great excitement that I unscrewed the bottle (yup - she rocks a handy dandy screw top - the blessing of busy women everywhere) and took a sniff. Mmmm...some apple, a little something summery sharp...smelled promising.

I poured some into my glass and took another sniff. And checked to make sure I hadn't dropped my nose in the rice pot on the stove. (I was once again engaging in my favorite pastime of cooking and sipping.) My hand confirmed that my nose was still on my face, so I took another sniff, this time with said schnoz a bit deeper into the glass. Maybe a little something...but I had to sniff pretty hard and to be painfully honest, loudly, which got me a withering look from the teenager doing her homework at the table.
So in order to stop making noise, I took a taste. Um. I took another one. Honestly, there was so little flavor to the wine that I took an even bigger sip and rolled it around my mouth and ... nothing. Huh? And the finish? Hah! You can't have a finish if you don't have a start, that's all I've got to say.

I then resorted to one of my white wine tricks of the trade...and set the bottle in the deep chill thinking that a nice blast of cold would bring out the flavors. Nope - all that nice blast of cold did was make the bottle drip all over my counter.

I don't know, maybe the working girl worked a little too late the night before..maybe she was thinking of leaving her job...maybe she was just phoning it in. But it was painfully obvious that this girl was not going to be invited into my company (get it -- my "company", "working"?) again any time soon. She really needs to beef up her resume. My only consolation was that I bought this wine on special. It set me back about $7, which for THIS working girl, was the only bright spot of this winey little experience.
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  1. Thanks for the tips! I just wondered how you choose which wines to review? Are they recommended by other trusted "winey" folks? Or do you just stumble upon them? (Pardon the pun!)

  2. I take any and all recommendatoins from friends and sometimes family :) I also follow a billion wine tweeters, web sites and haunt the tastings aisles of local wine shops. And sometimes, well, the label is cute. :) Cheers!


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