Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Winey Tasting Notes: Simply Naked and Homecoming 2011

     I decided that today was the day to write my review of these wines....and here's why (stay with me, okay?):

     Homecoming was 10 days ago and I am STILL, after 3 different tries, vacuuming up the sparkles from my darling 15 year old daughter's homecoming dress. This in itself would not normally inspire me to vent blog, but prior to the actual wearing of this dress, I went through what can only be described as retail hell in getting her to find it. Two malls, one aborted trip to a specialty store, and countless web sightings of "my dream dress, mom" later...this one arrived via UPS from a very cool site that caters to the screaming teens of homecoming season. I will spare you the shoe details. (You're welcome.) But the exhaustive search and subsequent sparkle droppings has led me to this conclusion: If she had simply gone naked to homecoming, my life and my credit card return history, would have been so much simpler.

     Hence the following notes on Simply Naked wines. A label which I recently came across, and now I know why.

      Simply Naked follows the premise that aging wine in oak barrels hides the true nature of the grapes. Without using oak to enhance the flavor, you  must start out with the best grapes and make the best wine. Made sense to me (i.e.: no SPARKLES were involved in the making of this wine.)

      First up was the Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009, Acampo, California.  A bright red color, perfectly matched to said homecoming season. At first sniff, I got cherries and autumn leaves.  I used my
aerator (Vinturi) and began my tasting. Yup, there were those dark cherries, along with a little spice. The wine had a nice little bite to it, but not one that dries you out, like some oaked reds can do (friendly tannins here). A nice medium body. I did not miss the oak one little bit.
     This first bottle sent me back for my second Simply Naked try: this time a 2010 Chardonnay.
The color was a lovely pale gold (the aforementioned sparkles were silver, so I was fine with this).  My nose detected citrus...with a little pear in there as well. Tasted of lemons and tangy citrus...a nice mellow finish that didn't run away too fast. This was a lighter wine, but not a thin one - it had a nice body to it. Again, no missing the oak.
     (Simply Naked offers a Merlot and a Pinot Grigio as well, but I have yet to spot these on a nearby shelf.)
     Would I suggest getting naked again? Given that my daughter has 2 more homecomings before she graduates, I sure would. I would also recommend buying the wines.
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