Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winey Tasting Notes: Lulu B. Malbec

I learned about Lulu B. before I ever found her wines. Let’s just put it right out there: adorable label! Lulu looks like the kind of pal I’d love to sit and sip with at a Paris bistro. But she’s more than just a pretty label. If you check her FB or Twitter, you’ll find out that she has a heart as well. Hence the references to causes such as Susan B. Komen and Dress for Success.  The only thing lacking in my friendship with Lulu was Lulu herself – I couldn’t find her on the shelves of NE Ohio, even after much searching.

So imagine my delight when I was visiting my favorite wine department..and there on the tasting counter was Lulu B. Malbec! The unflappable wine guru behind the counter did not laugh, run away or call the police as I jumped up and down with glee and babbled on about how I follow Lulu on Twitter and had been dying to meet up with her. Nope, he just very calmly stated that the rep had recommended her and handed me a bottle. Oh joy! ($7.99 price tag only added to that joy!)

Lulu’s Malbec is from Chile and is 13% alcohol. It also has a screw top, which, to any time-starved, harried mom who cannot face cooking dinner without a glass of wine is simply a godsend. (Yes, yes, I know how "veddy" civilized as it is to go through the process of uncorking and all, but when momma needs wine, the screw top is tops.) 
My first meeting with her actually took place on a Friday night. Kitchen. Stove. You get the idea. the wine is a very pretty jewel colored red. It took a big sniff to find the bouquet, but I was able to get a whiff of spice. The spice showed up again when I sipped, bursting through my mouth, spreading around and then pretty much disappearing. Hmm….this immediately called for another sip. Got a round hint of cherry this time.
As much of a superwoman as I am, two glasses of Lulu was my limit that evening. (I was operating kitchen equipment after all.) But….and here comes the "aha moment": the next day (an extremely dreary Saturday, which we seem to be specializing in around here recently), I met up with Lulu again. Wow – what a difference!  Age (okay, an overnight) and oxygen had been very, very good to her. A much richer flavor in the finish….nice and smooth and the spices and cherry were so much more alive!
Lulu B. Malbec is a repeat buy. Just give her lots of air (use the aerator if you have one)!

I found that Lulu B. Malbec pairs extremely well with a long hot bath full of Philosophy’s Vanilla Birthday Cake Bubble Bath (much better than she does with a kitchen full of pots and pans). Cheers!

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  1. I also have recently tried this, and fell in love with it! It is my favorite Malbec i have tried thus far.

  2. I know - it's a good one isn't it? I am finding more and more Malbecs out there that I love too. Lulu's is especially nice.


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